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This site is not a racist Skinhead site. It is a forum / educational site where REAL Skinheads from many different countries and political backgrounds connect, educate and collaborate to fight racism, institutional and overt. We believe racist people should be confronted. We also believe in discovering and outing RACIST establishments, people, business, organizations. If you know something, let us know. SHARP from the beginning has been an individual self expressive organization. Which means where ever you are then that's a SHARP chapter. Visit some SHARP related sites..get some patch work, wear it proud, because you will be called on it in the streets, be prepared to answer!!


  1. EDUCATE YOURSELF (history of real skins!!)
  2. ORGANIZE (Unite with like minded people)
  3. PATCH UP (Fly Colors)
  4. SPEAK UP (Get involved)

New News from ARA:

For July 31st Day of Action against Racism and Fascism, The Feral Space collective in Elgin hosted a sober, community film 
screening of "The New Nazis: Documentary about Nazis in Amerikkka". Many people from the apartment building (from which the
collective is based) and the community attended.The documentary was followed by a discussion focused on identifying Nazis 
and white supremacists in the community, as well as discussing strategies of fighting back. By the end of the night leading
into early morning cheers and chants could be heard from outside as we all decided to watch video clips of anti-fascists/
racists fighting back in the streets all around the world. As everyone left there was a new sense of empowerment in the air. 
Many attendees were not aware that white supremacy still existed today in such organized formations. While many were angered 
by this realization, a new sense of urgency and preparedness was created. With a display of white supremacist symbols on the collective's wall, those who reside in the collective are no longer the only eyes on the look out for these scum. There is no better time than now for small towns and cities to begin taking a stand against racism and fascism. While bigger cities secure an anti-fascist/racist front, we stand in solidarity by destroying any platform white supremacists might feel they have here in smaller cities. We refuse to give them a safe ground outside the big cities. As more eyes begin to open out here and everywhere, we begin to reinforce dangerous spaces for racists, fascists, sexists, and all oppressors in small cities abroad. We are everywhere, and we are fucking spreading.

-The Feral Space collective, XVX Antifa, E-Town Anti-Racists


Thanks everyone for visitng this site.. We really appreciate your feedback and questions. Please always feel free to reach out to us for anything.. Thanks again. Please share link

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